Thermal Spray Aluminium / Zinc (TSA/TSZ)

Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) or Thermal Spray Zinc (TSZ) is a coating process to prevent corrosion to steel or stainless steel workpieces, etc. Can be used in corrosive weather conditions or corrosive environments. Currently, TSA and TSZ coatings are widely used in both domestic and foreign industries. There are many types of workpieces that are sprayed, such as gas pipelines, oil pipelines, bridge structures, oil refinery structure and etc.

Advanced Surface Technology Co., Ltd. We are a leader in Thermal Spray Aluminum and Thermal Spray Zinc coating services in thailand with more than 20 years of experience. We have thermal spray operators and coating inspectors certified according to international standards (NACE, ISO, AWS) in TSA and TSZ that have been coated and inspected for both domestic and foreign customers for more than 20,000 square meters.


Coating standard for TSA and TSZ

NACE No.12/AWS C2.23M/SSPC-CS 23.00 | ISO 2063 | NORSOK M501

High corrosion resistance than painting.
Long service life, reducing maintenance time.
High temperature resistance and high bond strenght than painting.
No curing time.
High coating thickness than painting.
Can be on-site services.

Consulting about thermal spray coating.
Thermal spray coating.
Thermal spray coating and sealer coat.
On-site and on-shop thermal spray coating.

Coating Materials

Aluminium 99.0% (Grade 1100)
Aliminium 99.5% (Grade 1350)
Zinc 99.9%
Zinc-Aluminium 85/15 (ZnAl 85/15)